Google Places

Google Places

Google Places is essentially Google’s Local Business directory online.

Google Places was previously known as Google Maps or Google Local.

Google gets over 72% of all Internet searches and has placed a huge focus on its business directory. At St Louis Websites That Work, we place tremendous attention on Google Places listings as they provide our St Louis customers the most bang for their buck.

Here is an example of Google Places:

St Louis Google Places

Why is Google Places important for YOUR business?

One of the hottest areas today on the Internet is “local”. That is due to the fact so many people search the Internet prior to purchasing products or services. Many estimates state that over 60% of all purchases are preceded by an internet search. These buyers are looking to solve a problem, maybe they need a new pair of shoes or a St Louis landscaper. It doesn’t matter what they need, if they are looking for something you can provide in St Louis, you want to be up front and center when they do their research. Google knows all this and wants to provide their users the most relevant search results possible.

Having your business listed in Google Places is a great way to attract local St Louis customers into your business.

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